Rafi Hecht Accepting the Ice Water Bucket Challenge

Now challenging: David Uzan, Pinny Gildin, Alex Noudelman, Ian Korman, Jim Bensimon and Avraham McGowan. You have 24 hours to do it or donate $100 to ALS research.

ALS (Amytrophyl Lateral Sclerosis) a.k.a. Lou Gehrig‘s Disease progressively eats away at the nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain, rendering those nerve cells and associated muscles useless, affecting speaking, swallowing and breathing. This leads to a horrible death. We all hope that a cure will be found soon.

I purposely wore my Yankees cap and held a baseball bat to further emphasize the point.

One of my wife’s grandmothers had this disease and indeed, it’s horrible when you are essentially trapped inside your own body that doesn’t want to function. May her Neshama have an Aliya.

I just donated my $18 to the Shirat Devorah Fund, looking for a cure on ALS in the name of Devorah Schochet, a 39 year old mother of four with this condition. May she have a refuah shleimah b’karov.


Author: Rafael (Rafi) Hecht

Rafi Hecht is a leading SEO Consultant and Web Programmer residing in Toronto. He has been in the IT workforce since 2003, and has focused on Search Engine Optimization and Web programming since 2007. Rafi holds a Bachelor of Science in Management/Information Systems from Touro's Lander College for Men as well as a Master of Science degree in Information Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology. He also is a devoted husband and father. His personal blog can be found at http://blog.rafihecht.com.

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