It’s Official: Masahiro Tanaka is a New York Yankee at $155 Million

masahiro-tanakaIt’s official: Masahiro Tanaka is a Yankee, according to Ken Rosenthal. Here is the video from confirming it:

I think this is a shrewd move for the Yankees. Brian Cashman offered a lot of money to a pitcher – a very good pitcher who went 24-0 last year in Japan – who didn’t pitch a single pitch in the Major Leagues. Considering how top-rate Japanese pitchers have performed in the past, Japanese pitchers have walked a little more MLB hitters and their ERA’s have gone up by one or two runs, but overall they are the same pitcher once they ease into pitching to better hitters and using a differently-made baseball.

As a Yankee fan I am ecstatic and look forward to watching games that he pitches in.

Author: Rafael (Rafi) Hecht

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