Alex Rodriguez Ties Lou Gehrig’s Record for Grand Slam Home Runs with 23

Earlier today reported that Alex Rodriguez tied Lou Gehrigs’ home run record of 23 grand slams today.

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Anybody with the label “steroid user” will always be put into question. However, there are many players that take steroids under our very noses and are smart about it. There are also some players (like Andy Pettitte) that may have used it ONLY for the right reasons like recovering from an injury, and others like Ryan Braun that somehow took it but not quite (how he got out of court is honestly a mystery, I don’t buy that he just paid everyone off).

That said, A-Rod’s accomplishment, no matter the era, is nonetheless impressive, just like Ichiro’s record-breaking hits per season though it was done in 162 games, and Hank Aaron’s home run record in an era of expansion. On the other hand, the argument can be made that more pitchers are throwing harder than every before and relief pitching doesn’t make the pitching any easier late in the game, only harder.

As the game evolves, there are those that say that it’s ruined and those that say it’s enhanced. No matter what the case may be, Kudos to A-Rod’s (tied) record!