Yu Darvish – Some Tidbits

Recently the Texas Rangers purchased the rights to just negotiate with Yu Darvish of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters for 50.7 Million dollars, which goes straight to the team that owns him. Personally from seeing the way he pitches plus his Japan stats, I think he will thrive no matter where he pitches. That said, here are some interesting tidbits:

1. People confuse the name Nippon Ham Fighters as being those that fight with pieces of ham. Actually that’s not true. On ESPN’s blog it makes clear how the naming convention goes. Unlike in the US where the prefixes are named after the cities where people play, i.e. the New York Yankees of New York, in Japan all teams are owned by corporations marketing a product.

Thus you have, in addition to Nippon Ham (which sells meat products), the Yomiuri Giants (named for the media giant), the Seibu Lions (a department store and railway company), the Chiba Lotte Marines (a candy company) and the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (who bear the name of an Internet shopping company and play in the unfortunately named Kleenex Stadium). While winning is great, a team’s primary function is to advertise the company.

Can anyone start saying, “now pitching for the Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Yankees…..?”

2. It’s no surprise that the Texas Rangers won the bid. A team capable of paying Alex Rodriguez a quarter billion dollars in 2003 is capable of spending lots of money. Heck, everything is just bigger in Texas.

3. While I mentioned that Yu Darvish will thrive no matter where he pitches, it will be interesting to see how he pitches in different climates. Texas heat is gruelling, which makes for a vastly different experience than what he’s used to. In Japan everyone plays in domes, so the temperatures and weather are consistent.

That’s all for now.

Back to the Future 2 Prophecy – Cubs Winning World Series – 2015

Theo EpsteinWith the Chicago Cubs’ recent signing of Theo Epstein, it’s very likely that the Chicago Cubs will win a World Series by 2015. How did Theo do it with the Boston Red Sox? Answer: Read the book “Moneyball” and you will see how. Basically, he did what Billy Beane did: he exploited less desirable, more accurate statistics like on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS (On-base plus Slugging). Sabermetrics, as Bill James calls it. While more teams are doing this (look at the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series), teams like the New York Yankees still pay for home runs when those really don’t matter as much when winning games – Home Runs only sell tickets and earn immediate cash.

Also, there is now an American team in Florida, the Tampa Bay Rays. The “team in Miami,” the Florida Marlins, are in the National League and therefore cannot meet with the Cubs in the World Series. Still, considering that all these predictions were made in the 1980’s is pretty freaky.

That said, it’s likely that Theo Epstein will take that mentality to Chicago where he will find the cheapest yet most effective players. Watch out, yet another prophecy of Back to the Future II is about to come true!

Yogi Berra – Yogi-isms

” It ain’t over ’til it’s over ”

“Never answer an anonymous letter”

” I usually take a two hour nap from one to four”

” It’s deja vu all over again”

” When you come to a fork in the road….Take it ”

” I didn’t really say everything I said ”

Yogi on the 1969 NY Mets…..” overwhelming underdogs ”

When asked what time is was……” you mean now?”

” I want to thank you for making this day necessary”
……… Yogi Berra day in St Louis 1947

On why NY lost the 1960 series to Pittsburgh ” We made too many wrong mistakes”

” You can observe a lot by watching ”

” The future ain’t what it used to be ”

” It gets late early out here”

” If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be ”

” If the people don’t want to come out to the ballpark, nobody’s going to stop them ”


Courtesy of: http://www.yogiberra.com/yogi-isms.html

Ozzie Guillen: What I’ve Learned

The 47-year-old Chicago White Sox manager on winning, his heroes, and what he wants his wife to know

You have success, you can talk all the shit you want.

My mother is a high school principal. My brother is an engineer. One of my little sisters is a doctor. Another is a teacher. When you come from that kind of family and only get to eighth grade, it’s kind of weird and awkward. But I make more money.

I never mind when somebody corrects my English.

We had this media guy, Padilla. He was eating a cheeseburger during the game. I saw him while I was managing. I grabbed the phone, called the PR department, and said, “Doug, you’re gonna choke on that fucking cheeseburger.” Then I hung up. People wonder, How the fuck did you see him? But I see everything.

What attracted me to my wife is she’s hot. She’s also nice, she’s a great mom — but that comes after she’s hot.

I tell my kids all the time: When you’re about to do something stupid, think about your mom. Why? Because she’s the one that’s gonna suffer inside.

You can’t buy a kid a life. They’ve got to earn it themselves.

In the eighties and nineties, people made a lot of money and built houses. The first thing they put in their houses was a gym. In my house, the first thing I built was a bar. The second thing I built was another bar.

Am I going to make it to ninety-four? I doubt it. I’m in the second half of the game.

Here’s the thing. I can always go back to school and be a doctor. But a doctor can’t go back and play baseball when he’s forty.

Roberto Clemente was my favorite player. But my hero was my dad.

My grandpa said one word, and that’s all we needed to hear.

Every immigrant comes to the United States to save their lives or to make money. That’s it.

I tell my kids to be careful who they have sex with. Pick the right woman, because that kid is going to be a Guillen for the rest of his life.

A lot of people think I dye my hair. No, I don’t give a fuck. I just worry that my kids live as long as they can. I hope I die before they do. I want to show my friends that they are my friends. I want my wife to know I think she’s hot. I want my team to win games. That’s all.
Courtesy of Esquire Magazine
Read more: http://www.esquire.com/features/what-ive-learned/ozzie-guillen-white-sox-quotes-1011#ixzz1YhNotawW

Casey Stengel – Stengelese




butcher boy

a chopped ground ball





fairly amazin’


green pea

rookie or unseasoned player

he could squeeze your earbrows off

a tough player

hold the gun

I want to change pitchers

Ned in the third reader



a good fielder

road apple

a bum

whiskey slick

a playboy

worm killers

low balls

the Youth of America


Casey Stengel – Famous Quotes

  • Ability is the art of getting credit for all the home runs somebody else hits.
  • All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.
  • Been in this game one-hundred years, but I see new ways to lose ’em I never knew existed before.
  • Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It’s staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in.
  • Don’t cut my throat, I may want to do that later myself.
  • Don’t drink in the hotel bar, that’s where I do my drinking.
  • Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.
  • Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice-versa.
  • I came in here and a fella asked me to have a drink. I said I don’t drink. Then another fella said hear you and Joe DiMaggio aren’t speaking and I said I’ll take that drink.
  • I don’t know if he throws a spitball but he sure spits on the ball.
  • I don’t like them fellas who drive in two runs and let in three.
  • I feel greatly honored to have a ballpark named after me, especially since I’ve been thrown out of so many.
  • I got players with bad watches – they can’t tell midnight from noon.
  • I was not successful as a ball player, as it was a game of skill.
  • I was such a dangerous hitter I even got intentional walks during batting practice.
  • If we’re going to win the pennant, we’ve got to start thinking we’re not as good as we think we are.
  • If you’re playing baseball and thinking about managing, you’re crazy. You’d be better off thinking about being an owner.
  • If you’re so smart, let’s see you get out of the Army.
  • It’s wonderful to meet so many friends that I didn’t used to like.
  • Managing is getting paid for home runs that someone else hits.
  • Most ball games are lost, not won.
  • Most games are lost, not won.
  • Never make predictions, especially about the future.
  • No baseball pitcher would be worth a darn without a catcher who could handle the hot fastball.
  • Now there’s three things you can do in a baseball game: You can win or you can lose or it can rain.
  • Oldtimers, weekends, and airplane landings are alike. If you can walk away from them, they’re successful.
  • Son, we’d like to keep you around this season but we’re going to try and win a pennant.
  • Sure I played, did you think I was born at the age of 70 sitting in a dugout trying to manage guys like you?
  • The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided.
  • The Mets have shown me more ways to lose than I even knew existed.
  • The secret of successful managing is to keep the five guys who hate you away from the four guys who haven’t made up their minds.
  • The team has come along slow but fast.
  • The trick is growing up without growing old.
  • The trouble is not that players have sex the night before a game. It’s that they stay out all night looking for it.
  • The trouble with women umpires is that I couldn’t argue with one. I’d put my arms around her and give her a little kiss.
  • The Yankees don’t pay me to win every day, just two out of three.
  • There are three things you can do in a baseball game. You can win, or you can lose, or it can rain.
  • There comes a time in every man’s life, and I’ve had plenty of them.
  • They say some of my stars drink whiskey, but I have found that ones who drink milkshakes don’t win many ball games.
  • They say Yogi Berra is funny. Well, he has a lovely wife and family, a beautiful home, money in the bank, and he plays golf with millionaires. What’s funny about that?
  • They told me my services were no longer desired because they wanted to put in a youth program as an advance way of keeping the club going. I’ll never make the mistake of being seventy again.
  • Two hundred million Americans, and there ain’t two good catchers among ’em.
  • When you are younger you get blamed for crimes you never committed and when you’re older you begin to get credit for virtues you never possessed. It evens itself out.
  • Without losers, where would the winners be?
  • You got to get twenty-seven outs to win.
  • You gotta learn that if you don’t get it by midnight, chances are you ain’t gonna get it, and if you do, it ain’t worth it.
  • You gotta lose ’em some of the time. When you do, lose ’em right.
  • You have to go broke three times to learn how to make a living.
  • You have to have a catcher because if you don’t you’re likely to have a lot of passed balls.

Yankees vs. Blue Jays and Mariano Rivera’s Saves Record

Last Sunday I was with my wife at the Yankees-Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre (Skydome), one day after Mariano Rivera tied Trevor Hoffman for the saves record. The following day the Yankees were going to play one game in Yankee Stadium against the weak Minnesota Twins, then leaving to play against the powerful Rays and Red Sox. Anyways, I predicted that the game was going to intentionally be lost since the Yankees would be able to make a killing in revenue off memorabilia sales from Rivera’s save in front of a packed crowd.

Guess what? I was right! Joe Girardi, the Yanks manager, benched three of his best hitters that game: Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, and Mark Texeira. The game was in a way fixed in order that Rivera wouldn’t get a save opportunity, and everyone faltered in a 3-0 loss to the Jays.

Forget the fact that the Yankees didn’t clinch the pennant yet and now they have to face two of the toughest teams to beat. Baseball is first and foremost a business. Money comes before pennant races.