Who wants to buy a Stephen Strasburg Rookie for a Million Dollars?

It’s official: the Strasburg madness has reached new heights.

As if the card being auctioned off on eBay for $100,000 wasn’t enough, ┬ánow, it’s being auctioned for – dare I say it -$999,700.00! Forget that down payment on a house! For that money you can BUY a house in full! Sometimes more than one depending on the neighborhood!

Some people simply seem to have all the money…

A Strasburg for $1,000,000? Can I have some of that money?

There are so many things that one can do with even a 10th of that!

On a slightly related note, sports cards do have an element of childishness. For someone to cough up that kind of money rather than spend it on more important things shows a REAL element of immaturity in my opinion. Here’s a comic to illustrate that (click on image for larger version):


Author: Rafael (Rafi) Hecht

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