Stephen Strasburg Rookie Cards – In this Economy

I recently visited eBay, browsing around for sports cards and leaving feedback on items I had purchased. On the related items, I noticed variations of Stephen Strasburg’s rookie cards that were going for obscene amounts:

Strasburg Meshugass (Madness)
This card is currently going for well over $100,000. Mickey Mantle's 1952 Topps card by comparison isn't worth that much.
More Strasburg Meshugass
This card is currently going for over $21,000 and was listed on ESPN.

The $21,000 card was previously bought for $16,403 from a 37 year old Michigan accountant, married only for 7 months. That’s the equivalent of at least half of a down payment on a house! In any case, here’s the YouTube video of the ESPN buyer:

Personally, I’ve collected sports cards for years ranging all sports, dates and conditions. I even own a “normal” Stephen Strasburg rookie. But in this economy, who in ones right mind would be willing to spend over $21,000 for a card, let alone $100,000? To say that I am disgusted in the very least would be a gross understatement.

Think of all the mouths in India that that money can feed! $100,000 is the equivalent of 2+ years pay for the average worker! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Rafael (Rafi) Hecht

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